Things To Read Online


"A not-for-profit editorial platform committed to independent media." A mix of visual art, music and critical thinking.

Jon-Kyle No RSS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jon-Kyle's personal blog. Writes about technology and the web but also about his trips and reflections on life in general.


Om Malik personal blog. He writes about technology, life and the intersection between the two. He also takes and shares nice pictures.

Derek Sivers

A mix of life lessons, business stories, reflections on the digital world. I really like his tone, feels always very honest and direct.


Aeon is a magazine of ideas and culture. Very long and in depth posts. Always thought provoking.

iA Blog

Essays, interviews, and notes from Information Architects Inc. Mostly about their amazing app iA Writer but also about technology.


One of the oldes in town, a blog about people, inventions, art and much more. You're guaranteed to find something interesting here.

Paul Jarvis

Articles about freelancing, business and life in general. Dicovered this one quite late but it's already one of my favourite.

Subpixel Space

Long essays about technology, language, society and other cultural topics. Maintained by Toby Shorin. Love the "further reading" section.